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Ask HN: Career Coach?
3 points by arenaninja 49 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments
I'm a software engineer with 8 YoE planning to transition from individual contributor and I'm considering hiring a career coach to devise a plan of attack for the next few years in my career. I imagine this can help me with feasibility and accountability. Has anybody here done this, and would you suggest it? Since this can be done virtually, is there somebody you would recommend?

Well 2 years ago I realized I needed career help. Over next few months I started reaching out to folks whom I worked with, folks I happened to meet and generally folks elder or more progressive than I.

My key takeaways from this

- people are more willing to help when you ask specifically. be sure you are asking the right thing to the right person. Dont ask for investment advice. Ask if xyz is a good investment for you in their opinion.

- People get defensive so as to not hamper their relations with you and keep out the honest and risky parts. Also they usually dont admit or undermine the luck and timing factors that went into their own life.

- Give them enough reason to show why you are a worthy investment of their time and resources.

- Be clear that you do not expect anything more than advice and guidance from them. Demonstrate to them how their advice was useful to them (a quick text is all it takes).

I feel talking to people beyond your age, occupation, geography and economical status is more fruitful and enjoyable.

if you can't figure this out on your own, what makes you think you can figure out the actual job?

caveat: i'm not opposed to coaching for specific skills (speech/diction, video presence), therapy to work on your emotional issues that may be holding you back or taking a course to learn about something specific. Even if a promotion coach works it's a hack and not sustainable. If you can't develop a strategy for this on your own, again I just don't see you thriving in any type of leadership.

I think that's unfair. Having someone available to be a sounding board, or someone with experience to help you take the next step, doesn't invalidate this person's ability to be a leader. Leaders aren't simply born, or figure out how to do everything entirely on their own.

This is ignorant and unhelpful. Do you think existing leaders don't have coaches? Whoever is the best leader in your opinion, do you think they never had and currently don't have a coach?

not in OPs sense. they have a mentor or a sounding board friend, which is different. I love when people can't disagree without calling others ignorant.

Each of your replies is combative or belittling, you don't exactly have the moral high ground. It seems you've misunderstood the request in my original post or lack imagination to comprehend it, because none of your posts are useful or even relevant

I'm not sure why you've assumed I can't do this on my own

i asked a question. if you can do it on your own, do it. you'll learn more.

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