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Ask HN: What websites do you use when searching for a programming job?
16 points by rsweeney21 45 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

I got my last job by putting my resume up on Linkedin. A recruiter contacted me for a company I would not have thought to apply to, I interviewed and was hired.

Prior to that I got interviews via Linkedin.

For small companies I look at https://angel.co . I have gotten interviews from there.

I got a job a few years ago from my local Craigslist.

If you go to Google and type jobs, it opens up their thing to look for jobs.

I got a consulting job from this (HN) website's who is hiring who is looking threads once.

I switched my IT specialty a few years ago and was just happy to be getting paid a few years ago. As I have been getting more experience, I have been looking at https://levels.fyi and have been looking at not only companies and cities, but even what positions are getting paid. I will probably move to a larger city for my next job.

Thanks. angel.co looks very promising. However, most of the jobs are developer kind of jobs. Which is a good site for someone looking for an architect/lead kind of job?

leves.fyi is interesting too. The salary info looks accurate. Somehow I never liked glassdoor. I wonder why its so popular.

Do you have anything for remote jobs?

Thank you very much.

If your job searching process is tough, you should look into fixing your resume or changing things around get it translated if needed. This should help https://thewordpoint.com/services/translation-service/cv-tra.... Personally, I’ve been on interviews, had recruiters reach out, and received job offers through this site. Personalize you resume for each vacancy and be yourself

Twitter. Just Twitter.

All of my jobs have come from a direct recommendation from the head of the department. Everything else gets passed through HR and takes forever.

People find me, or I find them. We chat. Interview. Test. Offer.

Sometimes whoishiring is good for more niche jobs but don't post your email in plaintext. Use an alias, I've noticed certain variants of my email getting sold off to recruiter farms from here.

You want a LinkedIn just to show that you are a real person. Levels.fyi is a good resource for negotiating salaries and managing expectations.

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