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Listening Suggestions? Some Constraints
1 point by abraCadabstrax 45 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment
Collective HN Wisdom,

Currently I am spending 8-10 hours in or around my car as a UPS personal vehicle driver during peak holiday season. I would like to put this time to productive use by identifying audio material that could further my understanding of full-stack development and improve my chances of landing a position as an associate level developer.

Please note that there are some constraints given my job requirements. Namely, for me safety is number one. This means that any material must be audio only and cannot have overtly distracting or disruptive noise. (It can be a video but I won't be able to watch it.)

Ideally it should not so complex that I would lose the thread as I go make stops. I will be playing this on a cell phone in my pocket at a conversational volume. Ideally looking for something along the lines of talk radio or lectures.

My current knowledge of development centers around Java and Angular. I am just shy of passing the Java OCA exam, about 50% of the way to getting my AWS-SAA-CO2 cert, and an intermediate/advanced Angular dev who has worked through core concepts like security, reactive programming, and testing. I've also completed a number of courses on Docker at Linux Academy.

I am not opposed to paying for something worthwhile.

Many thanks for any considerate wisdom about making the best out of this situation. I would also love to hear from other drivers out there who still want to keep learning, but must focus on safe driving and package running first.

Software Engineering Daily is a good place to start.

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