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Compile time generation of Spring Boot (MVC) services for Angular (github.com/tri-omega)
1 point by tri-omega 47 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

A while back I started the work on building a simple and robust library to simplify integration of Angular UI with Spring MVC services. As of now the library has been in use for a number of years by several teams in relatively large enterprise environment. It's used in daily workflow in projects with over 500 models. It supports a quite rich feature set including: - Out of the box Spring MVC annotation support - Integrated Project Lombok support for property detection - Spring Meta annotation processing - create your own annotations by combining the existing ones. - u/PathVariable support for constructing request urls - Full set of features for return and parameter types: - Inheritance - supertypes and interfaces are mirrored as TypeScript interfaces - Generics - generic type information is mirrored into TypeScript interfaces - Enums - represented as named enums in TypeScript - Inner classes/enums/interfaces - are captured as prefixed classes - Java 8 Time classes support - Enums in map keys - Flexible filtering for input types to prevent "type number bomb" - Configurable replacement for the default HttpClient based network layer implementation with custom client code Not sure if it can be of use for anyone, but in case it is - you can find samples on usage on GitHub https://github.com/tri-omega/typescript-service-generator Latest versions are built with OpenJDK Java 11 but if anyone needs Oracle Java 8 builds - I can publish those as well (older versions where Java 1.8) It's available in Maven Central and easy to use

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