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Trump–Tsai Call (wikipedia.org)
18 points by abc-xyz 10 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

Is there some context as to why I'm seeing this on HN?

It’s a significant moment in history, which happened on this day 4 years ago.

Many worry that Biden will go back to treating China like we did during the Obama/Biden administration, and this phone call will likely be the first clear indication of his administration’s political agenda with regard to China.

The issue with ROC is tricky. ROC also claims all of China. But the current party wants to separate. And that has threatened Communist China.

The United States has two options. Either use Taiwan as a negotiating token for leverage over CCP, or wait for CCP to become weak and support ROC eventual take over.

Neither of these options allow for Taiwan’s independence.

Nobody in Taiwan (except maybe a few very elderly KMT party members) calls it the ROC. In practice, of course Taiwan has no interest in claiming all of China. The claim, which dates back to the days of dictator Chiang Kai Shek, stays on the law books because the government of Taiwan is literally threatened with war by China every time they move towards updating it to a more realistic position. Everyone on both sides knows the claim is just a relic from the past. Leading with saying "The ROC claims all of China" does not help anyone understand the situation. Further, I wouldn't say the current party "wants to" separate. The current party wants to get a clear international legal/formal recognition that they are separate, and have been since beyond living memory. You can live your whole life, birth to death, in Taiwan, and your taxes, driving licence, passport, etc etc, will always be arranged in Taipei, not Beijing. China is a foreign country to Taiwan.

Is that still policy? I've not heard anything like that coming out of Taiwan in a long time.

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