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The Dipp (https://thedipp.com) | Senior Frontend Engineer | Full-Time | New York, NY | ONSITE or REMOTE (US only)

Full Job Description: https://bit.ly/3fU3osV, email jobs@thedipp.com if you're interested

The Dipp is a customizable subscription entertainment news site offering premium, in-depth coverage to pop culture's biggest fans. Our team of media insiders are aiming to change the way people read and talk about entertainment news. We've raised $2.3 million in seeding funding this summer and have already launched the first version of our core product. https://techcrunch.com/2020/04/21/the-dipp-a-subscription-on...

We’re looking to hire our second full time developer. We’re looking for an experienced Frontend Developer with an eye for Product Design along with a honed set of coding skills. Media, Social Media, or Start up experience is a plus. You’ll be reporting to the Director of Engineering and working closely with our team to build an exciting and playful app. You’ll have freedom to make designs come to life and direct the Frontend development of our React/Next.js product. Your day to day will involve daily stand ups, working on whatever features are under development, and making sure we’re building in a sensible direction that will maximize shipping while not compromising future plans.

Our Stack:

- Typescript top to bottom

- Frontend Next.JS, React, GraphQL, Apollo

- Backend NodeJS, Apollo, Postgres (backend experience is a plus but not required)

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