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Transloadit | Remote | Freelance | Part-Time | Senior Technical Content Writer

https://transloadit.com is a bootstrapped and profitable file processing service for developers. People have said: think Adobe suite as an API. Plenty wrong with that analogy but if it helps to frame a bit :)

We want to publish one or two blog posts a month covering our open source technology (https://uppy.io, https://tus.io) and encoding capabilities. Discussing new features, writing walkthroughs, etc. You’d probably use our SDKs a lot to showcase how to leverage our platform to optimize videos for iPad, recognize text in images, etc. You’d be the Jeff Bar of Transloadit so to speak :) Transloadit’s culture is open, curious, optimistic, and our tone of writing should reflect this.

We would like to hire someone with a few years of relevant experience and that can quickly cut to the heart of things. Native English and strong writing skills are required. Someone who tries to leave out as many words as possible. If this is you and you have some hours to spare, please send me a motivation and experience to kevin@transloadit.com. Keep it brief :)

I have covid and while I can leave a comment on HN, I can’t really handle recruitment/onboarding right now, please allow some time for me to get back to you. Pay would be $50/h.

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