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Rancher Lab Acquired by SUSE (rancher.com)
126 points by blopeur 51 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 20 comments

Discussed when initially announced.


Today is day one of the 2 companies working as 1.

Looking at the old discussion is still worthwhile, as there is little new information since then, even though legal processes completed now.

Having gone through a merger ~2 years ago, this is a rough stretch. Godspeed.

Sadly as usual it leads to "synergy" and therefore layoffs.. I think every move in this direction at SUSE led to layoffs in the past and I hope that's not the case now, specially in the middle of a Pandemic.

I have grown to dislike Rancher more and more. Their marketing statements vary from "could be" to outright lies. I hope their "marketing" department will get some of the SUSE culture (and lawyers that will keep them in check).

Any examples of what their products cannot do as effectively as their marketing department say. Just curious :)

Yeah, as someone who's considered using them I would very much appreciate any information about practical shortfalls

Definitely the easiest way to set up a bare metal cluster.

Make sure you backup the rancher instance, or you won't be able to recover the cluster if something goes wrong.

Built in monitoring doesn't work very well on all hardware.

Mostly it's great, though.

I gave it a brief try a few times along with CoreOS for setting up dedicated container hosts. Only got a few hours in before I decided it was going to be a lot less hassle to just go with a normal Ubuntu Server install with Docker sitting on top of it.

If you can get away with just Docker, don't use Kubernetes.

If you can get away with just Docker, don't use Kubernetes.

If you can get away with just Docker, don't use Kubernetes.


I've use Rancher projects to do some amazing things for clients. Please, how does it fall short?

Does this acquisition include https://rancherfederal.com/ or is that still a completely separate entity?

It does include Rancher federal as well as Rancher Labs

Does this mean the project is being put out to pasture?

Far from it!

How much? I can't find acquisition price anywhere.

The price was never disclosed publicly, but some news websites quoted between $600-$700 million (https://www.itpro.co.uk/development/open-source/356382/sure-....)

Labs, not lab

I literally thought this had already happened years ago. Have no idea why.

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