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Show HN: DeviceReady: Test Your Android App Across 25+ Devices (deviceready.com)
21 points by yarone on May 7, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

The idea is wonderful. I you haven't built anything yet I feel a little deceived because the wording on the landing and invite page strongly suggests it's already there. I also don't like the fake quote at the bottom, take the quote marks off it if it's not real.

Sorry about that. I wanted to test the concept as if the service exists right now.

What? Not worthy of a ShowHN, a landing page isn't enough. Would down vote if I could.

Note that this is just a landing page that I threw together using Unbounce. What do you guys think? Like Selenium + Browsershots for Android.

Everyone complains about Android fragmentation. Is this a partial solution? Kind of a "smoke test" to see if your app has issues on a particular device?

So this doesn't exist beyond a landing page? That's a bit misleading if I'm honest.

Anyway... yes this would be a useful tool. See: http://www.perfectomobile.com

this company has been providing a similar service for 8 years:


You can remotely use a real phone to test your app. They actually take apart the phone and connect switches to all the buttons while capturing the screen output.

Yeah what would this have over Device Anywhere, which also supports BlackBerry and Symbian plus additional carriers?

I'd be really interested in trying it. I currently just go to different vendor's to try out on actua devices in person.

Can you explain the technology behind the potential implementation?

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