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> But you already have a security vulnerability regardless, if you dereference p before checking if it's null.

Firstly, that's not (in general) true, unless you count denial of service[0] as a vulnerability; reading from address zero and then panicking has the same security implications as segfaulting while trying to read, namely the software immediately halting.

More importantly, the above code does not dereference p (at all, though do_stuff presumably does). `&p->baz` adds a constant offset to the (register storing the) pointer, without touching memory at all. There is no vulnerability (assuming the obvious assumptions about how foo and do_stuff work and are used) until the compiler introduces one.

0: For example, you count the fact that someone can DDOS the machine it's running on as a vulnerability in any network software. Which is somewhat resonable in some contexts, but not the context of compiler bugs.

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