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For anyone interested in real-time Blazor apps - I've just published the most "advanced" Fusion sample live: https://fusion-samples.servicetitan.com/

What's interesting there:

- It's a Blazor app that supports _both_ WASM and Blazor Server modes - Authentication sample shows GitHub auth with real-time session tracking. Try signing in there from multiple browser windows and from different browsers - you'll be surprised. - Server Screen page delivers an image stream of ~ 10-20fps / 10 Mbps even on mobile. It's not a real server-screen, of course - the sample is hosted on k8s cluster. Though the pics it sends are generated in real time. It delivers a screencast if you run it on Windows machine. - Chat is just nice to play with, esp. with multiple windows open. It persists everything to a local Sqlite DB, so its state doesn't survive deployments. - And Composition is probably the most interesting part there: it shows how Fusion automatically tracks changes made in completely different parts of this app (Chat, Authentication, Consistency, etc.) and combines them into a single state that's also updated in real time.

P.S. The cluster is tiny (1 core), so please don't turn it into a challenge to crush it - especially via "Server Screen" page, which was made mostly to show what's possible, though was never designed to serve even a hundred of concurrent users on a small machine.

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