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I wrote this after I heard of the cyclist killed in Sydney last night, which occurred on my street.

I did some analysis of what I think are contributing factors to the crash and photos of the scene after it was cleaned. I've added several content warnings describing image content. Please let me know your thoughts.

My thoughts are with the family and friends of the deceased.

You mention that cyclists are really disliked in Sydney, do you know where this irrational dislike comes from? There seems to be no cycling culture whatsoever in Sydney (judging by your article) so it seems unlikely to be caused by repeated negative interactions with cyclists, which is what I would have expected?

I grew up there, was a cyclist and never drove. Sydney is alleged to be the most spread out (lowest density) city in the western hemisphere. This is partly because Australian houses are the only ones bigger in the world on average than American ones. Lots of people live in places where public transport has historically been and/or remains very poor, so there is a lot of reliance on motor vehicles. We can blame the shortsighted government for dismantling Sydney's once vibrant tram infrastructure at the probable behest of the motor lobby, chasing the 1950s American suburban dream. There has however in recent years been a huge growth in cycling as a golf-replacement for middle aged men in lycra (MAMILs) who use it to network and exercise on weekends. I assume this will improve cycling facilities in certain areas of the city only. They should really reclaim the edge of the rail infrastructure as car and pedestrian free cycling lanes.

Exactly this, thanks very much for jumping in before I could.

Australia has borrowed a lot of the post WW2 USA urban planning, including car dependent sprawl.

One study (via [1]) came to a simple conclusion for the dislike: "They think roads are built for cars alone."

This great BBC article goes into detail on the psychology: https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20130212-why-you-really-h...

[1]: https://bigthink.com/culture-religion/cyclist-hate

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