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The maternal mortality rate in the US is about 50% higher than in the UK for white mothers (8 versus 12), and the same for Black mothers (about 40): https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-47115305.

Asians, meanwhile, in the US have a maternal mortality rate of about 13, which would be 4x higher than Finland, but a life expectancy of over 86 years—several years longer than Japan or Korea, and 4 years longer than Finland. Indeed, the life expectancy of Hispanics in America is about the same as people in Finland.

It would be odd to see such disparities between maternal mortality on one hand and life expectancy on the other. Likewise it would be odd for Finland to be so much better than the UK. So I suspect there is more to the story than “large parts of America are a third world country.”

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