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Re: universal healthcare. Latinos in the US have the highest rates of lacking health insurance (20% versus 5% for non-Hispanic whites). But they have the second highest life expectancy (81.8 years—longer than people in Denmark). And they have the lowest maternal mortality rates: https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2019/p0905-racial-ethnic-...

> If you look at health care for the poor in the US, it is generally geared towards emergency care. They will stitch you up if you are about to die. However it generally does not cover regular doctor visits and checkups. Hence in the US a lot of expensive effort goes into saving babies when born, when the problem could far more easily have been resolved early in the pregnancy with better checkups.

That’s absolutely false. Medicaid covers preventative services: https://www.kff.org/medicaid/issue-brief/coverage-of-prevent...

CHIP also covers pregnant women and children under 19 and covers pre-natal checkups and delivery.

According to the link, the maternal mortality rate for Hispanics in US is 11.5, which is almost 4x higher than in Finland.

For non-hispanic black women, the death rate is a staggering 40.8 — that's over 13x higher than Finland!

Large parts of America are a third world country.

The maternal mortality rate in the US is about 50% higher than in the UK for white mothers (8 versus 12), and the same for Black mothers (about 40): https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-47115305.

Asians, meanwhile, in the US have a maternal mortality rate of about 13, which would be 4x higher than Finland, but a life expectancy of over 86 years—several years longer than Japan or Korea, and 4 years longer than Finland. Indeed, the life expectancy of Hispanics in America is about the same as people in Finland.

It would be odd to see such disparities between maternal mortality on one hand and life expectancy on the other. Likewise it would be odd for Finland to be so much better than the UK. So I suspect there is more to the story than “large parts of America are a third world country.”

Could this really be a difference in fertility rate? The fertility rate in Finland is 1.46 children per women. The fertility rate of hispanics in the USA is 3.08, more than double that of Finland. The third (or more) child born to a woman is not equal in maternal mortality rate as the first child. The rate goes up with each child born. I don't know if we would expect it to go up to 4x higher, but certainly 3x higher wouldn't be unreasonable.

IIRC both higher life expectancy and lower infant mortality are considered likely to be due to community support systems being much better and more pervasive in Latinx communities in the USA. Home births among Latinx are much safer than among most other subpopulations - reduced medicalisation and strong preservation of cultural knowledge about birth are major factors.

Any chance you have a citation or article for this? I’m not trying to critique here, it’s just that this hits close to home as a black woman. I see that modern midwifery is largely restricted to affluent, white, women, while the art of midwifery has largely been lost in the black community. It’s a cultural tragedy that the knowledge was lost.

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