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West Virginia is 92% non-Hispanic white (2018) and has the lowest life expectancy of any US state (74.8). Which clearly disproves that common hypothesis. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._states_and_territ...

Life expectancy and overall heath in the US is strongly correlated to wealth. It’s a feedback loop, being poor directly results in worse access to healthcare etc, but also because it’s much harder for sick people to hold down a job etc.

Edit: Bottom 5 states by life expectancy vs their median household income rank (#). West Virginia 74.8 years (#50) Mississippi 74.9 years (#49) Alabama 75.4 years (#44) Kentucky 75.4 years (#43) Arkansas 75.9 years (#48). It’s not perfectly correlated but the relationship is very strong.

PS: Great Britain actually has significantly more ethnic diversity than WV and lower median household income than WV yet life expectancy is more than 5 years longer.

I suppose you could be charitable to gp and think they were making the reverse racist good genes argument for Black people?

At least it’d be a new twist on an old racist trope.

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