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8GB MicroSD Atari 810 disk drive, built to scale (rossum.posterous.com)
127 points by a1k0n 2357 days ago | hide | past | web | 9 comments | favorite


Sell this online as a flash drive. Market on gadget sites like gdgt.com, engadget, gizmodo. Post to community sites. I don't know if ThinkGeek accepts designs but it seems like the kind of thing they would eat up.

You could start a product line of nostalgia/kitschy/personalized flash drives.

But it's not a notstalgically shaped flash drive, it's an Atari compatible serial disk drive using microSD as cartridges.

If nothing else, it's a chance to test the adage (mantra?) "There's no niche too small".

Next project: build a mock-up of what the 810 would look like scaled up to an 8GB capacity - 45.3 times as large on every dimension, with nearly 2800 cubic meters of volume.

The size difference between the two drives blows you away ;)

I'd buy one. Easy.

Now, slightly more seriously, I have been looking for something that could do disk emulation from image files stored on a USB drive. I have Apple IIs, Amigas and Ataris that would be more than happy to run software made for them once again.

In the case of the Ataris, the SIO bus makes it easier. In the case of the Disk II (one of the comments mentioned it), the signaling is very low-level and would, presumably, be a pain to emulate.

cool, and with thunderbolt coming out, people will soon have the opportunity to build a working replica of the Atari 850.

It's adorable :3

Don't have an Atari 400, but wish I had the circuitry know-how to pursue something like this for the Commodore disk drive.

All the programs I typed in from Family Computing magazine but never finished, I could put them all one one disk!

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