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There are lots of things going on for Perl right now on the deployment/cloud front. DotCloud, Phenona, now Stakato. This, coupled with web frameworks like Mojolicious and Dancer, make me very happy and optimistic that Perl is entering a new phase, fixing any publicity issues it had. A renaissance of sorts if you will.

Absolutely. Perl on DotCloud was a huge success: no other service on our platform has seen such rapid and massive adoption!

Perl hackers are much more experienced on average, they typically master more than one language, and they are extremely good at documenting and helping each other out [1] [2] [3].

[1] http://blogs.perl.org/users/leo_lapworth/2011/04/deploying-t...

[2] http://onionstand.blogspot.com/2011/04/catalyst-in-cloud.htm...

[3] http://blog.kraih.com/mojolicious-in-the-cloud-hello-dotclou...

Phenona was over subscribed so I'm still waiting for my private beta invite :(

So may give DotCloud or Stackato a go soon. Apparently Perl deployments have already passed NodeJS on DotCloud! http://twitter.com/#!/dot_cloud/status/66208136494718976

DotCloud invites! http://www.dotcloud.com/account/create

  N3NXV3    58XQdf
  CZd8sG    X0dhMQ
  pAfd02    tOcRu3
  GqlleD    u2uDPS
  BO6ERv    q8oPfA
  QMIbir    KH9MrV
  HWPVxK    FdVr9f
  5cQ71E    iPbONc
  lBGEOj    4ntXxi
  1P9P87    8B3brx
  2suhD8    ErhGBl

Thank you very much for the invite code(s).

I couldn't resist and look forward to testing it out further tomorrow!

Thanks for the invite codes.

I have used 'KH9MrV'.

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