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This is really cool! Your objectives are refreshing and this looks much more appealing than Wix or Squarespace. For context, I am a non-coder who can cobble together basic HTML pages by mirroring tutorials but don't know the actual basics.

I took a look at your site and have a few comments: - The "How it works" section is fantastic. Thank you for including all the intermediate steps such as Github authorization/linking.

- It was not clear to me exactly what role Mavo plays. It appears as the in-browser editor but but looks to be much more capable than I was expecting.

- I like the Worklog - it's interesting to get a peek behind the scenes.

- What sorts of topics are you planning for your tutorials? Will it get as direct as "how to add a shopping cart to your website" or focus on bigger picture topics?

- In the Limits section of the Pricing page, I recommend you make it more visible that Netlify, Render, and Vercel are under the Yax umbrella as hosting options. I know you covered it in the "i" hover text but something like an additional table header would help. Non-coders are not as familiar with these companies and how they fit into the larger system.

Thanks for the feedback! I haven't yet posted it to "Show HN" so it's great to get early feedback. Let me know what topics you'd like for tutorials and I'll put them at the top of the list. Give it a try and I'll be in touch.

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