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Show HN: Like Hacker News for VR Startups (spatialape.com)
8 points by inventtheday 3 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

I've been a contributor and avid reader of Spatial Ape since near its inception and it's been amazing. There is always great conversations going on with a variety of perspectives. I've explored quite a few AR & VR online communities, but I must say Spatial Ape is the one I return to on a consistent basis.

Thanks pearl3! Lots of great new features coming.

Hey everyone, long time fan of Hacker News here. We decided to create our own version of the HN community focused on augmented and virtual reality startups. Our weekly event, hosted in VR (bit.ly/XRMeetup) and streamed back to SpatialApe.com, gives the experience a unique twist.

We've only been live for a few weeks, but early feedback has been awesome and accompanied by strong organic growth. I'm eager for any/all feedback and hope to see some of you around!

Nice job. Will be following it.

Feature request - conversations grouped by tag/topic (eg hololens) similar to how HN has from/source.

Awesome...thanks for the feedback. Totally agree with your request.

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