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I highly advise “The Wisdom of the Native Americans” [1] if anyone is interested in exploring in depth how sophisticated the Natives truly are. Curated from court cases with the US government, it pieces together a small slice of the oral tradition and its nothing short of astounding.

[1] https://www.amazon.com/Wisdom-Native-Americans-Kent-Nerburn/...

Conversely, I picked up a book titled "All the Real Indians Died Off", which was intended to dispel such myths about Native Americans. One of the first chapters was an attack on the Bering land bridge hypothesis as "just a theory" with language that directly echoed creationist texts, which then went on to dismiss any suggestions that American Indians are descendants of migration and spiraled out to attack science itself. No alternative theory was put forward.

After that, I naturally flipped ahead to the chapter about the myth that "Indians are Anti-Science." It opened with the sentence, "Few people in the world have more reason to be anti-science than American Indians," then said that calling Indians anti-science is inflammatory, moved on to reject Western science as anti-Indian, and then redefined science as any passed-on knowledge that makes life easier. I didn't read the rest of the book.

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