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subbz 2 days ago. | hide | past | favorite

Let's have the debate about what is actually being proposed: police officers must be non-identifiable when you publish images. Not an interdiction of "filming the police".

The proposition as it has been adopted by the commisson :


While the subject of this article may be a good fit for HN, the source is not; it's highly editorialized. Here's a more neutral one:


Wow, what a step backwards. How could Macron always speak out against Trump and fascism in general and think this is a good idea?

Personal opinion of french citizen. Macron is really good at saying the opposite of what he does, especially in international news outlets. His presidency has seen very brutal police handling of manifestations, increase in xenophobic rethoric from the government and governing party. Even on climate his legacy is all words and no act.

As we see in the US, it is easy to condemn the evils of others governments, but hard to fix ones own. The entire world is in the midst of a hard slide into authoritarianism. Sad to see France, such a beacon of liberty, also start to succumb to the societal cancer that is sacrificing freedom for the illusion of security.

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