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Ask HN: Why do big platforms like LinkedIn make it so hard to give feedback?
3 points by rapnie 4 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments
I remember not so long ago I was able to report bugs and improvements to LinkedIn support (and they were actually dealt with). Right now, trying to report that image captions aren't saved on articles, using Firefox, I find absolutely NO way to leave this feedback. The only feedback allowed is a "Was this page helpful to you, Yes/No" followed by a "Thank you".

This is a general trend on the big platforms, but hey, we are talking reporting bugs here. Isn't it best-practice to provide a good feedback facility anymore?

PS. I get there should be some friction to filter out low-quality responses, and being non-anonymous will serve to withhold trolls.

What people say and do are two different things. Big companies want answers to specific questions, that’s why they create surveys. Bugs from users may be self-inflicted from AdBlockers etc. I’d guess ultimately that the feedback is useless. As they’re delivering different versions of the app to different people it would be a lot work to Keep track of changes. Unless it impacts revenue they don’t care.

The helpful/not-helpful flag should reveal to them what pages have problematic views or components. If it’s like other simpler feedback mechanisms, they see a lot more engagement with it than with the system you were using.

Aside from that, I think their support resources prioritize their paid customers. I know a former employer of mine was able to get the attention of support.

(lack of) Scalability maybe ? it's not easy to get and act upon feedback from 500 million active users.

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