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The Gruen Effect (99percentinvisible.org)
27 points by corentin88 3 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

If you're able to get hold of it, there's an Australian show called "The Gruen Transfer" (in later years, just "Gruen") which analyses advertising and similar in contexts akin to the Gruen Effect.

Big fan here also but never quite grokked the meaning of the original show title until looking it up now:

"Gruen transfer (also known as the Gruen effect) is the moment when consumers enter a shopping mall or store and, surrounded by an intentionally confusing layout, lose track of their original intentions, making consumers more susceptible to make impulse buys"


It's a great show. Definitely recommend it.

Victor Gruen did for humans what Temple Grandin did for cattle.

She Used Her Autistic Mind Revolutionized the Cattle Industry | Bold & Untold by MAKERS


Kind of a great history of our lovely shopping malls, from the "ominous, amorphous, boxy shape" to the brand new "Lifestyle Center". Didn't knew this was all envisioned by an Austrian, named Victor Gruen.

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