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do you have any live demos of a sketch file and it’s generated output so we can get a feel for how the code looks? any way to configure what kind of react components? can they be functional or classical? is the transition between exports as quick as the video? what type of typescript export are we looking at? does it use any? does it leverage generics? can you get css in js?


Yes, you can actually try out a sample project without the Sketch file - After signup, select "Create sample project".

Then go to Code-mode and pick any part of the design to get React code. Developer 101: https://www.animaapp.com/resources/anima-101

In Code-mode, there's a settings icon, you can pick functional or class-based components. The idea is to have more settings coming, like styled components (CSS in React) etc.

Regarding Speed - Yes! once you've synced a design file (may take 1-2 minutes for multiple screens), you can pick any part of it and get React components code in 1 second.

Let me know how it works for you, thanks!!

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