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I didn't know Derek, but reading this I'll miss him, but thank him for this.

Between this post, "Cranking" (http://www.43folders.com/2011/04/22/cranking) and the fact I have a second child probably coming Very Soon Now, I have to admit I'm sitting back and thinking hard about where I've spent, and am spending my time. I'm thinking about all the wasted time and opportunities I've accrued over the past 31 years.

I'm thinking about all the time spent arguing with people on the internet and giving up my free time to change some small part of the world, and not playing with my almost four year old daughter, or talking with my beautiful wife.

Take stock in your life and make sure you're following your passions. Make sure you try to remember and capture every moment before it's gone. Change the world while you're still here.

Appreciate the world while you're still here.

This hit me hard as well. I just wrote a post about choosing to spend time with my 4 month old daughter every morning instead of working full-time. (http://personalmba.com/building-a-business-that-supports-you...)

Derek's post reminded me why I don't spend more time building my business. Some things are worth more than money.

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