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Honestly I'm so glad we're in a renaissance of UI-based code generators. I grew up in the era of Dreamweaver and Visual Basic where you could just draw your user interface and then write code to glue it together. It wasn't perfect but it's a form of Rapid Application Development that we just don't have anymore. If it wasn't for VB.NET and its ability to turn my drawings into code scaffolding, I wouldn't be here right now. No-code and low-code are great for many use cases, and full hand-written code is endlessly powerful, but for the middle ground, these can be powerful tools.

I haven't tried Anima yet but I appreciate its very existence.

(I especially like that this UI-to-code tool isn't owned by Adobe or Microsoft... not everything was great about those old tools)

Haha thanks for the kind words!

If you're going to do React soon, give it a shot, it's free and it'll save you precious time. I'd love to hear your feedback.

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