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Seems like a good idea. I agree with the article: TorButton is convenient, but it's confusing and it can easily leak information about you. Two browsers (one private, one public) is much easier to reason about. And, being able to iterate quickly and not saddle "normal" Firefox users with the mistakes is an added benefit.

There is a downside: Your can already download a standalone Tor-Browser bundled with (FF portable), but it still is FF 3.6.17. After a fork, the Tor project will not invest all their resources in keeping up with an enhanced FF release schedule. They will likely always be behind a few month.

I'm not sure this is that big an issue, I think being a month or two behind FF releases won't be the end of the world.

As long as they don't get far behind on security fixes, particularly those that could lead to information leaks.

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