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Agreed, but I wish Linode let you do hourly billing. It's cool to be able to e.g. test a deployment script by spinning up a copy of your server for a few hours.

They will give you prorated credits if you cancel a VPS early. Not sure if its by the hour or day though.

I have heard that they give prorated credits for cancellations, but I think you have to bother their billing team about it on a case by case basis.

If they could automate this, or just go all out on hourly billing, then my current dilemma over which infrastructure to move our slightly tired dedicated app servers onto would be instantly solved.

I really want to go completely linode, but I also really want to be able to instantly spin up loads of staging/testing environments without it becoming expensive.

Unfortunately I have a feeling that the thing that makes linodes reliable, cheap and fast is the same thing that means you cant spin them up and down on demand.

I guess I could just rsync my entire linode environment onto a blank ec2 machine, but its kind of a 'fake' staging environment if its on a different network.

Anyone got any ideas?

I did this today - started and cancelled a VPS about 10 minutes after I started it. I was credited all but about $0.50 (on a $20/month VPS). Everything was automatic, and I got the "refund" email seconds after clicking the delete button.


So I don't know if that quite meets your needs (since it's just a credit and not a full refund), although the other post suggests a refund is possible if you ask for one.

Your account will be credited automatically. The only time you have to talk to support is if you want to actually get a refund (minus a $5 processing fee).

Having rented an 'emergency' VPS to demo something, I can confirm they credit you automatically, at least as of last month. Not sure if it's by hour or day though.

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