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I'm one of the co-founders of Cloudkick (YC W09) and now part of the Rackspace. I wanted to reassure everyone that this is a migration, not "killing" off your slices. The Rackspace Cloud is based on the Slicehost technology, but has the full support and momentum of Rackspace behind it.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to discuss this with anyone at Rackspace - please do not hesitate to reach out directly to me: alex.polvi@rackspace.com

I was a slicehost customer, then a rackspace customer, and now a linode customer.

The biggest reason I love linode now is the control panel. Slicehost also had a good control panel, but the Rackspace Cloud CP is severely lacking. It's extremely slow and the DNS is in a really awkward spot (click a server and then click DNS to see a global DNS...it doesn't make sense).

I was a fairly happy Rackspace Cloud customer but Linode is just a great experience. What is Rackspace doing to improve the cloud offering?

Rackspace is investing heavily into the cloud. The Cloudkick acquisition was part of that. I am extremely happy to hear that the CP was one of your major pain points, because it is one of (if not the top) priority to improve. The team that is based in San Francisco is working directly on that project. If these sorts of problems are interesting to you, please let me know!

That's great to hear. I'm excited for more competition in the space.

That being said, I've raised the issue of the location of the DNS manager many times and have been told that it is by design and won't change. Go to the Linode or Slicehost CP and a link to the DNS manager is on the dashboard, where it should be. I just don't understand the reasoning for hiding it behind a specific server instance despite it being a globally applicable system. This is probably more annoying to me because of the slow speed of the control panel, meaning it takes a long time to get to the DNS manager.

Best of luck with the improvements!

yesimahuman: Despite what you have heard, that is something that is scheduled to change. Take a look at http://www.rackspace.com/cloud/blog/2011/03/21/announcing-ra... This will be the foundation for a brand new DNS Manager in the Control Panel, and it will give you the ability to script your changes!

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