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Is it just me, or is this an example of terrible corporate communication. As a slicehost customer, I don't give a shit about what Mark thinks about IPv6 and OpenStack. All I care about is what is going to change. He makes statements like "as seamless as possible". That doesn't have any meaning.

If the major change is going to be a new control panel, and a different way of accessing support, then just say so.

It's not just you. An email that starts with "I would like to start a dialogue about our plans for..." makes me think "uh-oh" immediately. Slicehost has only changed for the worse since their merge, from my experience with them :/

I recommended them to several friends and colleagues, but from what I've seen of Rackspaces offering I wouldn't be able to do that with them.

RIP Slicehost :(

I totally agree. The control panel on Rack Space has kept me from ever recommending them. I love the Slicehost management panel. I also love the Linode panel. I do not love the Rack Space cp.

I agree that the email is just about things that have little interest to customers. My own questions were more along the lines of: - Will I need to restart my servers, reinstall, reconfigure them for the change? - How long will be the downtime? - Will the IP change (My DNS is managed elsewhere) - Will it still be 64 bit? - When will this happen approximately? - Will we able to choose when it happens for our instances?

Also the fact that I haven't received the email myself is not reassuring at all. I am not going to just sit around and remain without a predictable migration path, be it a migration to Rackspace or elsewhere.

Yes, I got this e-mail today and was most impressed that it went on for so long without providing any information useful to me, the customer. None of the links in it go to anything that is useful to me, either. It's nice that they agonized over their business decision but now that they've made it surely the important thing is to tell us how exactly it is going to affect us and what we need to do. None of that is mentioned. Makes me feel like they really are not taking any customer concerns seriously.

Right. The most perfectly seamless transition would be one that I wouldn't have noticed if I didn't see the e-mail. How much work am I going to have to do?

I just have a little hobby server running on Slicehost. I feel sorry for people who are running businesses there. :/

For what it's worth, the Mosso -> Cloud Sites transition was pretty seamless.

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