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I don't know how feasible this is; but it would be killer to be able to have a 1-click migration process.

i.e. "Moving from slicehost? Provide your credentials and we'll bring everything over automatically. Just click this button!"

I migrated a few Rails sites over from Slicehost to Linode, and since I was using Moonshine (which is a Rails-specific wrapper over Puppet) it was very easy. I just deployed to the Linode server with "cap deploy:setup; cap deploy", copied the databases over, and cut over the DNS. Moonshine handled installing Ruby, MySQL, Apache, configuring SSH and firewall, creating databases and database users, etc.

A couple months ago someone posted a link on HN to a pretty cool looking tool that automatically would generate a Puppet script based on your server environment (packages installed, etc). I didn't save it, and I can't find it now from googling.

Now I've set up a Linode account and want to migrate my config from Slicehost, and it looks like this might be a useful opportunity to test out that tool. But for the life of me I can't remember it's name.

Does anyone have a link?

Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for.

Also laughing hard at the irony of the title.

I'm certain blueprint can make this transition easier for most people, if anyone has any questions, please get in touch - matt@devstructure.com

It's relatively feasible, as the current migration process basically consists of killing all services on your slicehost server, rsyncing everything to linode and running a sed script to change the IPs.

I have no idea why they don't do it, they'd have a billion more customers in a few days. I know I wanted to switch off Slicehost for years, their price is DOUBLE linode's and the performance is worse.

... Just wait until the Rackspace Cloud transfer--the prices are quadruple Linode's if you use your bandwidth.

Oh, I moved off months ago. It was easy, in the end.

This isn't quite a one click operation, but this may be of some use to you: http://library.linode.com/linode-platform/migration/migrate-...

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