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“It doesn’t send a hash of the app, it sends a thing that is a encoded hash that uniquely identifies the app! Totally different!”

It wasn’t a misunderstanding, it was a simplification so that people could understand the issue without me explaining OCSP and app signing and x509 and the PKI. Dozens of people wrote me to thank me for explaining it in a way that they could understand.

It is indeed a hash, and it does indeed uniquely identify most apps, and it is indeed sent in plaintext, when you launch the app (and is cached for a half day IIRC). I very deliberately didn’t claim it is a hash of the content of the app file.

It also doesn’t send a unique identifier, but I would be willing to wager that the set of apps that you launch in 48h is probably enough to uniquely identify your machine in the vast majority of cases.

Your text was understood that way because of something in the words you chose, maybe "hash of the application" for example.

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