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Tokyo Tyrant (and Kyoto Tyrant) have a pretty nice mechanism for doing this, http://fallabs.com/tokyotyrant/spex.html#luaext

Basically you give it a "-ext /path/to/waffles.lua" arg at startup to define a bunch of user defined functions.

This is the obvious choice, but we are in the cloud now ;) I feel like it's better if all the instances are the same regardless of the configuration. That's the whole point for not taking this path.

Even in the magical cloud, you still have configuration -- listening port at a minimum. Cloud does not remove need for deployment management, as a rule.

Why do you argue against someone who's set to go the extra-mile to make life easier for us?

Inflexible configuration mechanisms are one of the top pain points in cluster-environments (cloud or not). Kudos to antirez for realizing that and working against it.

I don't see how your argument follows, but... there is nothing "inflexible" about that setup, imho. I think antirez has a pretty good setup, but without poking around for edges, you won't find the edges :-)

Okay, learning more about it via another channel, I am pretty convinced of the path you took :-)

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