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5 SSDs here, got the oldest 2.5 years ago. No failures so far. I've run them as system drives, DB storage and so on.

I'd think a reason for quick wear out may be swap memory. I've never put a swap file/partition on mine.

>> may be swap memory

That's very interesting. I've had a swap file on all of my SSD systems. What makes you think that could be a culprit?

Continuous writing to the same area on the drive can probably exhaust the spare cells and degrade performance. I don't know how the firmwares deal with 0 spare cells and further failures, though.

I have a swap partition on my SSD but I also have swappiness=0, so that it only writes to disk if there's actual memory pressure.

Modern SSDs use wear leveling to prevent this from happening. If you write to the same logical location a thousand times, the SSD's wear-leveling algorithm will write to a thousand different locations.

More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wear_leveling

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