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There. Go. Apply. Put together a resume. Tell them why you want to work for them. Tell them what you've done. Email them. Hell, point them to this thread, about how they were the one company you could think of that you want to work for.

Let them decide if you are qualified.

The smartest people I know claim to know the least. It's that double-edged sword: the more you know, the more you know you don't know.

If you want, I'll take a look at your resume and cover letter. My email address is in my HN profile.

But seriously, if you want something, go for it.

Don't be the 'no' in your life.

Also, protip:

> I would love to go to work for a company out there that is already making a dent in their market (e.g. Twilio) but I just don't know if I am "qualified" enough to work for some of these companies.

Please do not make such decisions on behalf of any company (or large decision maker, for that matter). Reading your introductions, you're vastly more qualified -in ways most candidates can't even begin to compete- for a number of valuable scenarios.

This is something I see people shooting themselves in the foot a number of times: being presumptuous, making decisions on behalf of others, that puts all parties involved _worse off_. Please don't do that, for your own sake.

Hey Zach,

I'm 25 and a college drop out as well. I work at Twilio. Shoot me an email, I'd be happy to chat. jdb at twilio

I'm not Zach that you replied to. Just in case this was mistakenly posted, and Zach doesn't read this, I don't want it to get missed.

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