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> Assuming that while loop is in your bootstrap FastCGI script

Yes it is.

> For most web frameworks, the change should be minimal and straightforward

Indeed, it seems so.I'll try it out.

>No, they got a performance boost with our preforking standalone HTTP server,

I was talking about these lines in the article, where Starman is not used at all:


I’ve codenamed the project “PlebGUI“, which I think aptly describes the way it makes it possible for the little people to run WebGUI on low-cost shared hosting.

And it actually works. Take for instance plebgui.patspam.com, a demo PlebGUI site site running in FastCGI mode on HostMonster (the prototypical low-cost shared webhost).


Even though, the application did have even better performance via Starman but it is more a server matter than a PSGI related matter.

>fastpass [...] is XS dependency free (unlike FCGI.pm and CGI::Fast) and the performance is still the same with FCGI.pm, roughly like 4000 requests per second on my laptop, with a simple HelloWorld app via an nginx frontend. I guess we could do even better by doing optional XS parsing with pure perl fallback as well.

THIS is interesting.

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