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HN Meetup: Beijing
25 points by emeltzer on May 1, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments
Since the last one was a really good time, we're organizing another Beijing HN meetup, at 8:00PM on Saturday, May 7th. If you'd like to come, drop a line to eric.meltzer@gmail.com, and I'll send over the details about where we're meeting once we know how many people are coming!

我们毕竟在北京,我应该加中文介绍:上次HN聚会很好玩了,因此我们一些HN的水车又要聚集起来。时间是这周六(5月7号)晚上8点,地点要等我们统计一些人数再通知大家! 如果你或者你的朋友们感兴趣,请联系:eric.meltzer@gmail.com :)


Hmm, out of curiosity, anyone interested in something similar for Shenzhen. Wonder if any HNers live here. I think I met one guy online so far. :)

I grew up in Shenzhen. Definitely down for something if in town (usually around christmas or end of summer).

Whoa, didn't know there was any of HN community in Beijing. Pretty cool. I'm definitely in!


I'm in!

good, welcome!

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