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Sustainable Transport Planning with R (github.com/ropensci)
115 points by protontypes on Nov 8, 2020 | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

One of the authors of stplanr recently wrote a survey paper about all of the open source transportation software around: https://github.com/Robinlovelace/open-gat

Between AccessMap (https://www.accessmap.io/), GOAT (https://www.open-accessibility.org/), Streetmix (https://streetmix.net/), SharedStreets/CurbLR (https://sharedstreets.io/), A/B Street (https://abstreet.org/), MATSim (https://www.matsim.org/), SUMO (https://sumo.dlr.de/), and all of the R packages from the ITS Leeds group (https://github.com/ITSLeeds), it really feels like an ecosystem for open source transportation planning is coming together. If there are any planners reading, what other pieces of the puzzle are missing?

You might find some interesting packages on the topic of sustainable mobility here: https://github.com/protontypes/awesome-sustainable-technolog...

Lots going on in this space. Key is data quality and frameworks to scientifically evaluate the impact of previous interventions so we can learn from previous projects, which can be seen as natural experiments, and avoid repeating past mistakes. Many many things to do as outlined in the concluding section of that paper, many thanks for sharing!

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