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I started using Vim in mid/late 2000s, and successfully switched to Emacs. Without knowing your specific gripes, it's hard no know what'll end up helping you, but here are my two cents:

- use emacsclient and have aliases for emacsclient -c and and emacsclient -n for popping up a new frame or using the console, respectively. I even have a window manager binding to open a new Emacs client window

- Rainer K├Ânig is the best at getting across org mode workflows. if you like watching nerdy videos, go watch him.

- keep vim around, I still use it, sometimes, but with no or veery minimal config.

- centaur tabs and the new tab stuff can help vim people who like tabs. I just got used to buffers.

- M-x is really Emacs' primary UI. don't try to think of a million and one key bindings up front, just bind what you find yourself using M-x a lot for. You just need a nice completing read like ivy, helm or so, but doom has that.

- use magit. While many claim that org-mode is the Emacs killer feature, I'd say magit is even more important if you code. There simply is no better git interface, nothing comes close. You think git the new porcelain is cool? Magit is a git jacuzzi.

I absolutely love magit. I tried using to emacs as my main development tool but couldn't be bothered to learn a proper workflow yet. I also tried learning org mode but I have no use case for it yet. But magit is just the best frontend for git.

Thank you for this list, I appreciate the effort. I've got some time off of work next week and the kids won't be home, so I'll spend the day digging into this.

To add onto this - I'm a huge org-mode user. If you're on iOS I highly recommend BeOrg[1]. It's the best org-mode app for iphones. It's highly extensible on it's own since you can put in settings and run scheme in a config file[2].

You can purchase extensions for it which are all pretty cheap. You can also pay for a membership to get all extensions - this costs only $10 a year.

The creator of the app is very active in the forums and is constantly updating and improving the app. I love it and it has made my usage of org-mode on the go much easier.

[1]: https://beorgapp.com/ [2]: https://beorgapp.com/manual/scripting/

I'd like to add: org-mode is overwhelming, so just take it easy. Set up a notes folder, sync it to the web, and just use org as a plain markdown/todo list editor for a while. Perhaps add org-roam (like vimwiki with backlinks). Then, only if you feel the need to, give org-capture and/or the calendar/agenda features a try. Don't force yourself to use some obscure feature just because it's there in the manual on page 587, or because you saw someone on Youtube rave about it.

I switched to Doom Emacs about two years ago and while I miss the insane performance and simplicity of vim sometimes, the positives overall outweigh the negatives once you get over the initial differences (workspaces, command names, etc.).

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