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HotDoc | Engineers, Product, UI/UX, Data Ops | Onsite in Melbourne or Remote (Australia or New Zealand) | https://www.hotdoc.com.au/careers

HotDoc is improving the healthcare experience for everyone in Australia. We're a patient engagement platform used by most the nation's GPs and a quarter of the population. We're growing to tackle other parts of the health system.

We're an ethics-driven team of around 100 people working mostly out of our office in Melbourne CBD (ex. COVID), though with full-time remote folks everywhere from Perth to New Zealand.

We value empathetic and pragmatic people, and use mostly Ruby on Rails, Node, and Ember. We have Product Engineering challenges figuring out how to make software that's usable and viable in healthcare, along with data syncing, integration with medical systems, and a consumer-facing hybrid app with a few million monthly users.

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