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Laka | Full-time | London, Bristol in UK | multiple roles | https://laka.co or apply directly https://apply.workable.com/laka

* Digital Product Manager

* Product Designer

* QA/Test Engineer

Feel free to drop me a line at jens@laka.co.uk if you have any questions.

Laka is a collective insurance provider, disrupting the cycling and e-mobility industry.

Our mission is to fuel personal mobility across Europe, sustainably and with benefits for all. To do that, we provide collective cover for cyclists.

Traditional insurance is the best business model in the world - just not for customers. The traditional model is based on insurers taking your money and profiting from not paying out claims. They make money by not doing the very thing you pay them to do. We think that’s insane.

So we have rebuilt insurance from scratch – sharing risk in a true collective. Our members share the cost of all claims, and we only earn our share when settling claims for the collective.

I'm interested in your product manager position. https://www.linkedin.com/in/josephmdwyer/

I'm not a coder but I have managed software engineers in the past and done UI/UX design and user research/testing, customer support, technical writing, etc...

I've been a non-technical cofounder for multiple startups and co-founded two non-profit makerspaces. I currently live in Florida and would like to work remote for a dynamic and fast growing company.

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