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Quantib | The Netherlands (currently WFH) | Front end engineer | Full time | quantib.com

At Quantib, we are changing healthcare with artificial intelligence. We improve the accuracy of medical image diagnostics and increase efficiency by getting state-of-the-art machine learning technology into clinical practice.

To bring our client-side medical image rendering to the next level, we are in need of a skilled Front-End Engineer. You will be working together with Application Specialists and R&D Engineers to improve the user facing elements of our software: making sure clinicians can get the most out of our AI results with ease. Ensuring fast transfer of medical imaging data to the client side, optimized rendering on the client and implementation of UX elements like editing of segmentations are challenges we need your help with.

Experience with medical imaging is not necessary, but a keen interest to learn and to share what you know is required.

Apply here: https://www.quantib.com/careers/front-end-engineer

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