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SBLY | Full-Stack Product Engineer | Los Angeles HQ + US Remote | 1-2 years experience | $120k yearly salary + 0.05% equity


SBLY, formerly known as Shareably, has been using media and technology to build digital brands and audiences since 2015. Our first product Shareably, a web publishing network, has reached over 1 billion unique users and profitably generated more than $75M in revenue with $0 in outside funding. As a private, independent, and profitable company, no one influences major company decisions except ourselves.

We pride ourselves on a culture that optimizes for lifestyle, impactful work, and transparency. We're also of the strong belief that a company is only as good as the people in it. Our current team members have studied at universities such as UC Berkeley, UCLA, Northwestern and worked at industry-leading companies such as Affirm, Clutter, Instagram, Instacart, Indiegogo, and Stripe.

SBLY is seeking a full-time member to join its Product Engineering team! We're looking to fill this role by December 2020 with a flexible start date in January 2021. This will be the first time the product engineering team will be hiring a non-senior position and we're excited about the possibility of working with someone that's looking to learn, grow, and make an impact with their work.

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