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MathWorks | Senior Software Engineer | Natick, MA (Boston MetroWest) | ONSITE | Full Time

Hi I am hiring an experienced distributed systems software engineer interested in working on cloud based services as part of a product engineering team.

The product features we work on:

- go deep down the stack (k8s API, AWS API, kernel internals are all in our hot code path)

- require us to have a lot of ownership of the cloud infrastructure and container platform our services run on

- are composed of cloud based services designed for high availability and scalability

We use Golang, IaaC (prefer code over yaml, etc) and are big fans of automation.

MathWorks has an incredibly impactful mission and strong engineering culture. MATLAB and Simulink are used in robotics, aerospace, deep learning, medical devices and many many more engineering domains. You can read more here[0].

You can apply here[1], but feel free to reach out to me directly to learn more at dbeaulie@mathworks.com

NOTE: Position is remote for now, Natick, MA when we are ready.

[0] https://www.mathworks.com/company/mathworks-stories.html

[1] https://www.mathworks.com/company/jobs/opportunities/22993

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