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Show HN: Presenta Lib, JavaScript presentation library (presenta.cc)
49 points by abusedmedia 84 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

Hello HN!

I’d like to introduce my very own open-source project, PRESENTA Lib, a javascript library that helps creating expressive web presentations in seconds.

Any feedback very appreciated!

Looks good. I want to commend you on your choice of name for the project. It makes it easy to understand what it's about from the outset.


This is really good.... comparing this to reveal.js, does Presenta support presenter notes?

Thanks, so far, there's a very dev-friendly support with this plugin https://github.com/presenta-software/presenta-controller-con...

I love the docs. Seems very complete, lots of examples, easy to follow.

That's a solace, considering the time spent to craft it :)

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