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Privacy-preserving features in the Mobile Driving License (googleblog.com)
17 points by theafh 29 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

What exactly is the end goal of this? Every human will need to carry around a charged (or HAL-capable) phone to be able to identify themselves? What happens if you lose your phone, it runs out of battery, you have to lend it to someone else, it crashes, etc.? And if you have to turn on your phone, now you have to enter its decryption password in front of the very person (quite possibly a police officer?) who's waiting for you to approve their request?

And how in the world is law enforcement on board with this? Will police officers be amused if they have to wait around for you to reboot your phone or something?

From the article:

mDL apps will have the option of both requiring user authentication before releasing data and then immediately placing the phone in lockdown mode, to ensure that if the verifier takes the device they cannot easily get information from it.

It’s mostly for convenience of buying alcohol in the US with Android Pay without carrying your plastic DL.

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