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Facebook Reports Third Quarter 2020 Results [pdf] (q4cdn.com)
35 points by ve55 29 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 16 comments

The slides provided are also very quick to read, providing visual graphs of growth in many areas by catagory: https://s21.q4cdn.com/399680738/files/doc_financials/2020/q3...

3.21 billion monthly active users across their products, insane!

Given how many spambots I come across on popular pages’ comment sections, and folks with a separate work account, I’m fairly skeptical on those numbers.

I am pretty sure a significant amount of those 3billion users would be Indians since pretty much all the Indians in my network use WhatsApp but lof of them dont use Facebook.

They specifically exclude those numbers from "people on the Family products".

How would they exclude spambots they aren’t detecting?

This includes any person who visits a website that has a facebook tracking pixel.

I don't think it does, from the slides: https://s21.q4cdn.com/399680738/files/doc_financials/2020/q3...

> We define a monthly active person (MAP) as a registered and logged-in user of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and/or WhatsApp (collectively, our "Family" of products) who visited at least one of these Family products through a mobile device application or using a web or mobile browser in the last 30 days as of the date of measurement.

The first table in the report says that FB's effective tax rate in 2020 was 4%. The same chart says that in 2019 their effective tax rate was 17%.

Can someone with insight explain this discrepancy? Is this some accounting artifact, did FB get a COVID tax break, or is it something else?

in their charts it explains this as follows:

Reflects a one-time income tax benefit of $913 million related to the effects of a tax election to capitalize and amortize certain research and development expenses for U.S. income tax purposes. Excluding this tax benefit, our effective tax rate would have been 11 percentage points higher in Q3 2020.

Average revenue per user is about 3-4 times higher in the US than in Europe (slide 4). Any ideas why? Do we just have a proclivity to spend more or are we more influenced by advertising?

Americans are somewhat wealthier than the average European but not by that margin. My guess is several things. European data protection is stricter so monetizing users is probably harder, but more importantly I'd say there is no unified market for advertisers. Europe has dozens of languages and different cultures that are much harder to serve with ads than you can in the United States.

Young American are wealthier than European. In Europe wealth are with old people

Also, Americans are wealthier on average. But I do wonder if Europe’s data regulations make it harder for Facebook to target ads as effectively in the EU...

I believe a greater percent of retail is online in the US than Europe. Generally it is easier for an e-commerce company to get their money back on an ad than a brick and morter store trying to advertise onlin.e

We manage a lot of social ads for brand in Germany, which is obviously the biggest EU market. It‘s mostly very slow adoption rate of new channels, so it‘s mostly lag. Additionally FB Sales internationally has been mostly horrible, so I think they just did a horrible job in their ad sales in Europe. OF course some parts of it like the split between digital and other channels is not only FB responsibility, but still... I think they are just horrible in this. I just had a client who invests Millions with Google every year and nothing with FB, there might be a good argument for let‘s say 60% Google or 90% Google but there is nor argument for 100%. So lag, less availability marketing budget on total and a stupid sales process.

I think Americans in general buy a lot more stuff than Europeans. I think they are more susceptible to ads.

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