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I'd be very interested to hear others views on the CPS or closures style. Myself, I think it's flawed for the reasons given in my other post but I may be missing something and if so would like to know what. Else it seems an elegant but impractical solution for the real world; you're trying to store all possible future contexts for all your clients without knowing when a client has gone away making to safe to reclaim resources. Far better to have each client store some of that in the URLs that make up the returned HTML.

On the REST side, O'Reilly have a book out recently for those that want to understand more. http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/9780596529260/

This issue brings to mind the very old saying "Nature, in order to be commanded, must be obeyed." As much as I admire and would love to work with the CPS style, right now, with the http protocol, REST seems like the way to go as it works best with that protocol. If you use CPS, you have to fight against what HTTP provides, and in doing so, you loose performance and scaling ability very quickly. When a new protocol comes along, maybe CPS will be the best approach. Until then, "Nature" must be obeyed.

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