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I had a phase where i digged into a lot of codebases (with a bunch of C++) and i've learned to admire the way the code is layout in some of them, giving composing state in some of them is very hard to do it right.

In my experience, the stuff in C++ from Microsoft and Google are great resources to learn, so i would give a especial mention to (in order of C++ awesomeness):

  Dart VM
  Chakra VM
  V8 VM
  (*) Doom 3 engine
* - Doom 3 is not very modern by today standards, but the way the code is composed, the things relate among themselves, etc, are a great resource of learning.

* - Didnt dig much into the most modern stuff from Mozilla, so i dont know how it is actually. Back in the day, there were a lot of legacy from their older codebases, so i dont now how the more modern stuff are, but im almost sure they might look great.

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