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When I want to watch a movie, the first place I go to is netflix. I won't tell you the second place I go to.

I'd pay an extra 5 bucks a month if it could increase the rate at which netflix lets me "play now" movies. Yes, some movies I specifically want to get on bluray, but there are plenty of others that video quality matters very little to me.

When I want to watch a movie, the first place I go to is Netflix Canada, half of what I want is unavailable and it doesn't update very often (at least not this month) so the second place I go to not too hard to figure out.

But you're supposed to wait patiently while the studios' marketing strategy of segmentation plays out. Just like how people in rural areas of the US aren't allowed to form municipal ISPs to get internet service that the big players won't provide to them.</sarcasm>

There are way too many people behind desks in large companies that develop marketing strategies that don't really take their customers into account, and if their customers behave in a way that breaks their model, the general reaction is to get angry at their customers for not playing to the tune of their flute.

This is the biggest problem in Australia, unless you allow everyone to access things on the same day the hardcore fans are of course going to be getting there hands on it any way possible. If I was running a TV show I'd release the show worldwide for download at the same time or just after the initial US(or wherever is local to the show) TV run.

Only issue being networks syndicating the content probably won't want to pay as much for the rights, really though they are getting the same thing, the people buying on ITunes same day weren't going to wait weeks for the local network to get around to playing it anyway.

Similar to when big companies violate the GPL. Way too many developers sitting behind desks getting angry when their licensing model gets broken because big companies don't play to the tune of their flute. </devil's advocate>

That's actually why the GPL is ingenius, it uses copyright against itself (or at least against the normal interests of copyright)

My DVD player broke right around the time that I got Netflix/AppleTV (I'm in Canada). I was planning on getting a new one, but turns out I can watch all the movies I want between Netflix and iTunes.

Now I have a giant box of DVD's I spent $1000s on and aren't worth a fraction of what I paid.

Same here, I'd be totally cool with paying more for more content and more HD.

Especially more HBO..

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When I want to watch a movie I want to have a copy of it in some fashion.

So the first thing I do is type "purchase mp4 <movie name>" into google. So far I have not been able to acquire a movie in that fashion, so the second attempt is usually obtaining an .mp4 through other means (which do not involve paying for it).

I want an .mp4 because that works on more-or-less on all of my devices. xbox360 from usb-stick, sync it to the ipod, etc..

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